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Diamond Painting - User Guides

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Diamond Painting - Guides


Diamond Painting - Product Description

About Our Products

1. The integrant materials. cloth board for setting diamonds; man-made diamond (we will add 20% portion in every bag in case the unavoidable of defective or the losing during the manufacturing.

2. The instruments. 1 piece the drill pens for setting diamonds; 1 piece triangular boxes for holding diamonds; 1 piece tweezers for setting diamonds.

Products Description

1. Compared to the traditional cross embroidery, we take use of the man-made diamonds setting skills. It is an increase of efficiency and eyes protection.

2. Diamond painting is easier than cross stitch, and more beautiful.

3. It is easy for anyone without knowledge of drawing to fulfill a classic artwork. You will enjoy the fun of the manufacturing.

4. Easy to do it, only need to mosaic the diamonds according to the symbols. Your children also can do it (Recommend 7 years old and above).

5. Make sure you put the colored diamonds on the right place, and different levels of the color will make your embroidery more perfect.

6. If you have any doubts just contact us.

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